VistaPure provides a convenient and inexpensive supply of high purity water, distilled-quality water for labs, dental and medical offices. The system produces two grades of water — distilled-quality water for autoclaves and ultra filtered non-corrosive water for bottles used with dental delivery systems.

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Two Grades of WaterTwo Grades of Water

The VistaPure has your on-demand water needs covered. Autoclave quality water is stored in the 4.25-gallon storage tank and non-corrosive quality water is sent directly to the faucet for on demand bottle filling or drinking water.

Autoclave Wand IncludedAutoclave Wand Included

Filling your autoclave is easy with the VistaPure’s proprietary wand. Just squeeze of the trigger to fill your autoclave with pure, distilled-quality water. No more lifting heavy jugs of water; no more back aches!

Top-Side FaucetTop-Side Faucet

A lead-free faucet mounts on or near the sink deck and provides high-quality water for use with ultrasonic cleaners.

Always On TapAlways On Tap

Pure water for your autoclave is always available thanks to the 4.25-gallon storage capacity of the included storage tank. No more waiting for water to be made or purchasing water from the store. Better yet, the tank fits neatly under your sink, still leaving you plenty of room for other supplies.

Instant System Status MonitoringInstant System Status Monitoring

Each VistaPure has an in-line TDS meter that constantly monitors the quality of water being produced. This meter makes it easy to know when its time to replace your filters.

Whoa, That Looks Complicated!Whoa, That Looks Complicated!

While the VistaPure looks really complicated, we assure you that it’s a breeze to use. Each and every tube and fitting has its purpose but all you need to worry about are the simple controls on the left edge of the board. We don’t mess around with clumsy cosmetic covers, which only add cost and difficulty for service techs to get to the system.

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