VistaClear is a treatment system for dental unit waterlines that eliminates the need for independent bottles. It’s perfect for new office construction, remodels or retrofitting into existing offices. There are models for treating an entire office or individual operatories. The patented design isolates operatories from other water sources for enhanced infection control and water backflow prevention.

True DedicationTrue Dedication

The VistaClear™ system provides a dedicated waterline for up to 8 operatories. The lines can be turned on and off individually when it is time to service your equipment.

Sub-Micron FiltrationSub-Micron Filtration

With effective sub-micron filtration and the lack of harmful chemicals, VistaClear™ protects your expensive handpieces and turbines from the wear and tear typical water supplies can inflict. Additionally, your patients will be safer from bacterial contamination found in most city water supplies.

Easy Line CleaningEasy Line Cleaning

While the VistaClear cleans your water supply with 99.9999% efficiency, bacteria can still enter your system through your dental delivery system. VistaClear offers several ways to blast through the junk in your waterlines with a periodic line cleaning. The unique mixing chamber allows for fast and effective cleaning with no mess to clean up. Remove physical sediment and bacteria in a way no other cleaning method can!

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