The Helios family of dental lights is designed to help you see – better. Our goal at Pelton & Crane is to keep your focus on the exam at hand, not your operatory light.

The Helios 1800 is the newest member of the Helios family of LED dental lights. Features like reflective technology and a crisp 3″ x 6″ light pattern mean enhanced performance over traditional halogen dental lights. This dental light also offers optimal efficiency to help you save energy and lifecycle costs. Leverage technology and enjoy increased performance from halogen lighting at a similar price point.

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The industry is moving in the direction of LED. Find out why.


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Reflective TechnologyReflective Technology

Work around your patient, not your light. Staff and instruments can be positioned where they need to be, as the reflected light of Helios 1800 minimizes shadowing. An extended depth of field provides flexibility to bring the light as close to or as far from the oral cavity as necessary, all while maintaining a crisp and consistent light pattern.

Precise Light PatternPrecise Light Pattern

A crisp 3×6” light pattern is inherent to every Helios light. Consistency throughout the pattern eliminates the need to reposition light around hot spots common with halogen. Illumination occurs only where you need it to – in the oral cavity, not in your patients’ eyes.

Efficient and ReliableEfficient and Reliable

Long LED lifespan means no more time and cost associated with halogen bulb outages. The efficient Helios 1800 reduces energy consumption by about 70% from typical halogen dental lights, helping you go green and save on energy costs.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Optimally placed dual touchpads mean easy control of Helios 1800. Doctor or assistant can easily adjust intensity or power with just the touch of a button. Triple axis motion delivers ultimate flexibility for any procedure.

Mounting Options

  • Track Light with Flexible Monitor Mount
  • Single Ceiling Column Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Cabinet Mount
  • Ellipse System Light with Curved Post
  • PMU System Light with Curved Post
  • Post Mount

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