Pelton & Crane’s Helios 3000 app now available in iTunes

Pelton & Crane is taking virtual reality to the next level with the new Helios 3000 app. Take a detailed tour of this exciting product right on your iPad.

Use the touchpad to view the precise 3×6″ light pattern, change color temperatures, and switch to the No Cure mode. Observe the light as you would in your operatory: illuminating the oral cavity on all settings. Also, compare the Helios light pattern to a halogen light pattern to better understand the true difference between Helios 3000 and traditional operatory lighting. Energy savings specifications and a video overview are also featured.

Click here to download this app to your iPad now, or search the iTunes store for ‘Pelton & Crane’. Link to our user guide to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the exciting elements of this new tool.