Meet the newest member of the Helios family: Helios 1800 LED Operatory Light

Pelton & Crane introduces a new LED operatory light at this year’s Chicago Midwinter Meeting: Helios 1800.  Helios 1800 joins the existing Helios 3000, making Pelton & Crane the first dental equipment manufacturer to offer a family of LED dental lights with different feature sets.

 Leveraging technology to provide increased performance from traditional halogen lighting, the Helios 1800 boasts a precise 3×6″ light pattern, reflective technology, and maximum efficiency…at a price similar to halogen.

 Each Helios 1800 is built on a foundation of reflective technology to help practitioners work around the patient, not the light: staff and instruments can be positioned where they need to be, as the reflected light of Helios 1800 minimizes shadowing and provides an extended depth of field – which means flexibility to bring the light as close to or as far from the oral cavity as necessary.

 Helios 1800 has a color temperature similar to bright daylight (~5000° Kelvin), and consistent illumination throughout its 3×6” pattern.  Long LED lifespan means no more costly halogen bulb outages, and the efficient Helios 1800 reduces energy consumption by about 70% from typical halogen dental lights.  Additionally, cool operation eliminates the risk of uncomfortable ambient heat doctors, staff, and patients. 

 Helios 1800 delivers all of these benefits for a true increase in performance over traditional halogen operatory lighting.  Helios 3000 uses patented color mixing technology to provide the above features and more.  This comprehensive family of operatory lights provides ground-breaking LED technology to various user groups, and helps doctors everywhere reflect their image of professional excellence.