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Spirit 3300 Chairs

Pelton & Crane’s new Spirit 3300 dental chair builds on a strong foundation to provide new enhancements in doctor access, patient comfort, and aesthetic appeal. The narrow backrest, coupled with the new ability for the chair to go lower to the ground, enables ideal oral cavity access for practitioners of any stature in a comfortable ergonomic position. A new base design makes it easy for patients to enter and exit, and provides enhanced stool access alongside the chair. Dual touchpads with new one-touch programming simplify chair operation, minimizing unnecessary movement for you and your team. Slow release foam, contoured armrests, and ErgoSoothe ™ massage technology create a relaxing environment for your patients. A sleek and streamlined new design showcases a modern look for the operatory, further reflecting your image of excellence to your patients.

Spirit 3000 Delivery Units

The Spirit 3000 Series Delivery System from Pelton & Crane is your complete delivery solution. Seamless integration of premium accessories, with the ability to add future upgrades when you need them, make Spirit 3000 a unit that grows with your practice. Ergonomically designed, Spirit 3000’s centralized handle and pivot ability provides ideal positioning for every procedure. Smooth surfaces and minimal seams make asepsis simple, while demonstrating a modern aesthetic style.

Helios 3000 LED Operatory Light

Factory calibrated at 27” (the average length of the human arm), a precise 3” x 6” rectangular light pattern is produced. Forget adjusting the light due to the hot spots and color washing common with halogen lights – uniform intensity throughout the Helios’ LED light pattern means illumination where you need it: throughout the oral cavity. Reflective technology lets you work around your patient instead of your light. Since the light source is reflecting from the continuous curve of the reflector, the operating field is illuminated from all angles. No matter where your hand or instrument is, the field is being illuminated and shadows are minimized.

Improved Ergonomic AccessImproved Ergonomic Access

The Spirit 3300’s new ability to reach a lower minimum height enables positioning flexibility for practitioners of any stature. Easily adjust the chair position so both you and your patients are comfortable.

Improved Ease of Patient Entry/Exit<br />
Improved Ease of Patient Entry/Exit

The Spirit 3300’s new base design improves the patient’s ability to easily enter or exit the chair with your feet firmly on the floor. Coupled with the lower minimum height, a weight capacity of 450 lbs, and a wider toeboard, the Spirit 3300 aims to provide a comfortable, accessible seating solution for your unique patient population.

Improved Ease of OperationImproved Ease of Operation

New one-touch programming makes chair operation intuitive, fast, and simple. Quickly set desired pre-set positions, and easily adjust them as needed based on the changing needs of your practice.

6 Position Doctor's Instrumentation6 Position Doctor's Instrumentation

6 positions accommodate 5 handpieces and 1 syringe. Handpiece positioning at 90 and 45 degrees.

Advanced IntegrationAdvanced Integration

Easily integrate KaVo TLC electric handpieces (optional). Incorporate key ancillary equipment: camera, scaler and curing light. USB port.


Designed with fewer seams to simplify cleaning – asepsis made fast and efficient.

Configuration Choices
Spirit 3100 includes PMU, cuspidor and cuspidor-mounted assistant’s instrumentation. Spirit 3105 includes PMU and assistant’s instrumentation with telescoping arm. Assistant instrumentation comes standard with Quick Clean Syringe, autoclavable syringe, and saliva ejector. PMU supports addition of ancillary equipment (light, monitor). Spirit 3120’s Ellipse Mount facilitates easy left/right conversion.

Reflective TechnologyReflective Technology

Work around your patient, not your light. Staff and instruments can be positioned where they need to be, as the reflected light of Helios 1800 minimizes shadowing. An extended depth of field provides flexibility to bring the light as close to or as far from the oral cavity as necessary, all while maintaining a crisp and consistent light pattern.

Precise Light PatternPrecise Light Pattern

A crisp 3×6” light pattern is inherent to every Helios light. Consistency throughout the pattern eliminates the need to reposition light around hot spots common with halogen. Illumination occurs only where you need it to – in the oral cavity, not in your patients’ eyes.

True No Cure SettingTrue No Cure Setting

Patented color mixing on Helios 3000 allows you to remove all blue light from the spectrum at the touch of button, create a true No Cure setting. Work with restorative materials in an illuminated field without the risk of premature curing.

Dual Color TemperaturesDual Color Temperatures

Another unique feature credited to patented color mixing, Helios 3000 provides dual color temperature settings. Switch between 5000° Kelvin and 4200° Kelvin at the touch of a button to help shade match right in the chair.