Dental Lighting

Pelton & Crane Dental Lights

Since introducing our first halogen dental light several decades ago, Pelton & Crane has continued to perfect  operatory lighting with the Light Fantastic product line. Boasting color mixing, crisp light pattern, and unparalleled efficiency, the Helios family of LED dental lights showcases a commitment to innovation and technological advancement. Pelton & Crane continues to invest and explore ways to enhance the dental lighting experience for users everywhere.

  • Helios 3000
    • LED Dental Light
    • Patented Color Mixing
    • No-Cure Setting
    • Precise Light Pattern
    • Reflective Technology
  • Helios 1800
    • LED Dental Light
    • Precise Light Pattern
    • Reflective Technology
    • Cool Operation
    • Maximum Efficiency
  • Flexible Monitor Mounts
    • Spring Flexion Technology
    • Handle Assist
    • Horizontal Rotation
    • 5 Mounting Variations