Pelton & Crane’s NEW Solaris 2 Sterilization Center is built on a strong foundation of quality manufacturing. The Solaris 2 brings together a modern design combined with advanced function. Our research has shown that functional sterilization centers have three essential features: smooth workflow, enough storage space and reduced risk of

Solaris 2 is available in a variety of different sizes, providing customization options to meet the needs of most any dental practice. Select from a variety of upper and lower cabinet options and upgrades to meet the functional and design needs of your practice.


Zone 1 — Receiving and Decontamination Zone 1 — Receiving and Decontamination 

Typically a sterilization center bottle neck, Zone 1 on the new Solaris 2 improves functionality, patient safety and security, and ergonomics for most all dental practices. By carefully analyzing each step the operator makes, we developed several unique features that increase convenience and productivity while also reducing the risk of injury and accident. Solaris 2 new features include a touch-to-open waste drawer, an extra deep sink and touchless facet to make clean up simple, and pneumatic options for upper aluminum framed door storage cabinet.

Zone 2 — Preparation and Packaging AreaZone 2 — Preparation and Packaging Area

The preparation and packaging area is most at risk for cross-contamination during the sterilization process. It’s very important to ensure that this area remains secure, dry and separate from the rest of the sterilization center. According to CDC guidelines for infection control, “Walls or partitions should separate the sections to control traffic flow and contain contaminants generated during processing.” In accordance with CDC guidelines the Solaris 2 features an etched tempered glass divider separating the decontamination area. This modern aesthetic significantly reduces the potential for cross- contamination and creates a visual border that clearly defines each stage of the process. In addition increased wrap storage and drop down mid-section allow easy access to your most commonly used items.”

Zone 3 — Sterilization AreaZone 3 — Sterilization Area

The sterilization tower is the most critical point of the Solaris 2 Sterilization Center. The tower is designed for ease-of-use and convenient maintenance of autoclave and cassette sterilizers. Super heavy duty slides and solid surface shelves provide safe access to the sterilizers for maintenance and tank refills. A unique vacuum-assisted reservoir drain eliminates the use of buckets and maintains a clean process for the disposal of sterilization waste. Solid surface pull out shelving equip with heavy duty, full extension slides allow for easy access to back panels for service and maintenance. Customize the storage drawers to fit your practice needs.

Zone 4 — Sterile Storage AreaZone 4 — Sterile Storage Area

Our exclusive sterile storage area offers rotating wire racks that adjust easily. Aluminum framed doors with frosted glass viewing panels allow for quick inspection of contents and the chrome handles open the door with ease. Three storage configuration options are provided to serve your sterilization workflow needs (full-size rotating, half-size rotating with drawers or full-size with shelves). Adjustable wire baskets accommodate all varieties of cassettes and packs while interior blue lighting provides easy identification of sterile cassettes.

Standard Laminate

  • Chalk White
  • Studio Gray
  • Sandcastle
  • Foundry
  • Silver Alu Metal
  • 5th Ave. Elm
  • Shaker Cherry
  • Zanzibar
  • Clear Maple
  • Grand Isle Maple
  • Brazilwood
  • Uptown Walnut
  • Skyline Walnut
  • Vapor Strandz
  • Valencia Teak
  • Colombian Walnut
  • Crown Cherry
  • Sheer Mesh
  • Studio Teak
  • Warehouse Oak
  • Weathered Char
  • Asian Sand
  • North Sea

Premium Laminate / Edgeband

  • Chalk White Gloss
  • White Brushed Aluminium

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Design Your Own Renaissance Cabinet

*Please note, colors may show slightly differently on screen, so please ensure that colors are chosen from samples and not from the images displayed on the website.

Wilsonart Gibraltar Solid Surface

  • Frosty White Mirage
  • Frosty White
  • Marzipan Mirage
  • Caramel Melange
  • Light Beige Mirage
  • Steel Grey Tempest
  • Arctic Melange
  • Baja Melange
  • Bluff Riverstone
  • Quarry Melange
  • Paris Fog
  • Avalanche Melange
  • Designer White
  • Zen-Grey

Wilsonart Quartz

  • Las Medulas
  • Sangda Falls
  • Kolams
  • Duomo
  • Lorraine
  • Arashi
  • Viaggio

    Cosentino / Silestone Quartz

    • Kona Beige
    • Mountain Mist
    • Sierra Madre
    • Expo Grey

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    Design Your Own Renaissance Cabinet 

    *Please note, colors may show slightly differently on screen, so please ensure that colors are chosen from samples and not from the images displayed on the website.