Pelton & Crane’s side delivery systems offer wall or cabinet mounting options, and up to 6 doctor’s instrumentation positions that allow you to take advantage of today’s latest handpiece technology.

Advanced IntegrationAdvanced Integration

Easily integrate KaVo TLC electric handpieces (optional) with this dental delivery system. Incorporate key ancillary equipment: camera, scaler and curing light. USB port.

6 Position Doctor's Instrumentation6 Position Doctor's Instrumentation

6 positions accommodate 5 handpieces and 1 syringe. Handpiece positioning at 90 and 45 degrees.


Designed with fewer seams to simplify cleaning – asepsis for this delivery unit is fast and efficient.

Mounting OptionsMounting Options

Spirit 3610 mounts to a side cabinet, Spirit 3600 mounts to a wall.

5 Position Doctor's Instrumentation5 Position Doctor's Instrumentation

5 positions accommodate 4 handpieces and 1 syringe. Individual handpiece pressure adjustments.

Control HeadControl Head

Die-cast metal control head supports long-term durability for Spirit 2600 series delivery units.

Multi-Position Tray HolderMulti-Position Tray Holder

Die-cast tray holder with stainless steel tray.

Mounting OptionsMounting Options

Spirit 2610 mounts to a side cabinet, Spirit 2600 mounts to a wall.

Doctor's InstrumentationDoctor's Instrumentation

4 positions accommodate 3 handpieces and 1 syringe. Optional 5th position holder available.

Control HeadControl Head

Die-cast metal control head supports long-term durability for Spirit 1500 series delivery units. Equipment utility center with asepsis housing.

Water SystemWater System

Self-contained water system with city/bottled water selector. Individual non-retracting water coolant adjustments.

Mounting OptionsMounting Options

Spirit 1555 mounts to a side cabinet, Spirit 1560 mounts to a wall.

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